Adopted Dogs

LUCY. Now in a wonderful home in UK

Nina. Now in a loving home in UK.



Has a wonderful new home in UK by the sea.






Finally has the home he deserves in UK. Travelling in September






Off to a new life in Finland as soon as flights available.




Off to a new life in Finland as soon as flights available.






Has a wonderful life and family in UK.







After a long wait she now has a wonderful new home on a finca here in Spain.





Living a dog’s dream here is Spain!





Now being very spoilt by her new family here in Spain






Bella. Rehomed in the UK.







Bonita now has a lovely new family with a new sister here is Spain. Bless.







Poppy has a lovely new home in Evesham where she has settled in well.





Miko has a wonderful new home in Dundee where he is very much loved.





Caramel- now Goldie has also found a wonderful new home here is Spain. She joins her new sister Copper. Her family adore her already!




Casper was adopted this week by a lovely couple of ladies and will stay in stay in Spain. He is being thoroughly spoilt and enjoying cuddles and playtime with his new siblings.




Chocci. He will be travelling to the UK next month. He will be living on a farm in Cornwall lucky boy! He is being fostered by Casper’s family now until he travels. Chocci left yesterday, 5th June for the UK.




Candy – now Chica. She has found a wonderful new family and home here in Spain. She is settling in very well and they are delighted with her.