How to help

There are so many ways to help.

  • Share our details, like our posts on Facebook and Twitter. The more photos of our rescue dogs are seen the more chance there is of finding them a home.
  • Donations of bedding for the dogs, dog toys, treats and food are always welcome.
  • Have one of our donation tins.
  • Support and publisise our events. 
  • Support our online shop by donating items 
  • Donate tombola or raffle items we can use at events
  • Foster one of our dogs.
  • Walk the dogs***, get them used to a harness/lead etc
  • Join our monthly meat hamper raffle.
  • Host an event for the dogs.
  • Help at one of our events eg tombola stall, sell raffle tickets etc
  • Take a dog to the vets for vaccinations
  • Help taking dogs to the airport when they are flying abroad
  • Any other offers of help always appreciated.

*** when we have dogs old enough and fully vaccinated.