Dogs needing their forever home

Our latest arrivals. All seen by our vet and have a clean bill of health. Passported and microchipped and have started their vaccinations.

Jenny. Abandoned in the pound Jenny and her little puppy Nina are now safe with us. Jenny is 3 years old and  very shy but each day gaining in confidence and trust. Good with other dogs.


Nina. A beautiful little girl about 10 weeks old. Friendly, loving and playful. Good with other dogs.

Richard. Abandoned in the pound with his 2 sisters Runa and Abril. Parentage unknown. 4 months old. Very timid and scared initially but now have settled well and responded to love and care. Friendly, good natured and lively and good with other dogs.

Runa. Sister to Richard and Abril. Beautiful girl and a little shyer than her siblings.

Abril. Sister to Richard and Runa. Confident and playful.


Daisy and Rosie. Two adorable little girls about 2 months old dumped on a busy road. Small, affectionate and get on well with other dogs. Will soon be looking for their forever home.


Email or message us if you would like more information. More photos and videos are also regularly posted on our Facebook page.