April 2020

The impact of Convid-19 continues but we have remained positive! Work on the exterior fencing and protection against flooding has been completed thanks to the generous donation from Reynold’s Training Services. Attention then moved to repairing and replacing some of the internal fencing to increase the height and prevent the dogs jumping over to the other side where the ground is lower, and injuring themselves.

Thanks to the other generous donations received from family, friend and supporters we have been able to have Benji, Billy, Boomer and Harry castrated. Lucy has been spayed and the last of the Pointer puppies, Linda will be visiting the vets in 2 weeks. Nina developed a skin complaint and after extension tests it has shown to be caused by an allergy although we are not yet sure for certain what has caused it. At the moment she has been put on special food and although more expensive her skin is healing well so well worth it!

Thanks to ongoing help and support from Jennah the lovely Jenny is now going for walks on the lead. Her confidence grows daily as does her chances of finding her forever home. Nice to end April on such a positive note!

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