JULY 2022

As usual it has been a busy few months and so far we have been able to rehome over 40 dogs. Some before they even reached us or indeed were even born! Work has finally been completed on the large puppy run in time to receive Tasha’s 8 husky pups! Five puppies have homes and will travel when vaccinations allow, others are reserved so hopefully we will have more good news. We have also been able to help much older dogs whose owners were no longer able to care for them. Little Chica, aged 8, came to us with so many different health issues and it took nearly 4 months to sort them all but she found the most loving home. So happy for her!

The meat raffle provides a regular source of income and we have been so lucky with support from CHAIN and SOS Charity shop both of whom have helped with veterinary costs.

We hope to hold fundraising events later in the year, meanwhile the support from our followers has been incredible, sending donations by fundraising, donation tins, sponsored events etc. We remain as always incredibly grateful. We could not do what we do without the support. Thank you.

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