Welcome 2023!

I am a little late posting an update but we have been so very busy I seem to be constantly playing catch up. 2022 was very much a year of highs and lows and brought many challenges. We still managed to rehome over 50 dogs and the wonderful updates from adopters continues to grow. The amazing support from our friends, family and supporters has been incredible and definitely got us through the difficult times! Our little troop of dogs that will probably see their days out with us has grown, but that is ok they are happy here and certainly earn their keep meeting and greeting the new arrivals and teaching them some social skills!
The olive trees were not as bountiful this year but still produced enough to cover the cost of milling and sufficient oil to sell a few bottles and have enough to be able to add to the dogs/puppies food for the coming year. Due to the generous donations received from so many friends/supporters and even people we have never met, we have been able to keep our head above water and provide whatever treatment/vaccinations the dogs and puppies need. The lack of new foster families coming forward has and will impact on our ability to help as many as we want to. We do not have kennels and all the dogs/puppies live as part of the family while they are here. This provides we hope a positive experience for them but limits the numbers we can help at any one time. 
The online shop has also provided a welcome additional income and now with the market stall our friend runs for us, we may never be a rich rescue but it certainly all helps! Fundraisers went really well and the monthly meat raffle has become extremely popular! A special mention to the SOS Charity Shop who throughout the year have donated a generous monthly donation to our rescue. 
Thank you all so much. As I say we really could not do this without you!

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