Autumn 2020

The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity particularly with adoptions. Sometimes before a dog has even reached us they are reserved. Wonderful for the dogs but a logistical nightmare at times! All our Pointer pups have been adopted. They were with us for so long it was hard to say goodbye but all have found such good homes and we receive regular updates. Carl even flew to Finland to deliver Billy and Tilly and a little dog for another rescue. We had to raise funds for 2 of our dogs, Daisy and Hugo who both needed major operations to repair old injuries to their legs that had been left to heal without treatment. No fundraiser events were possible but the generosity of our supporters meant the €2000 needed for the operations was donated, and we are truly grateful to each and every one. The online shop has been very successful and played a crucial role in providing funds to help towards the ongoing costs of food and veterinary costs etc. The monthly meat raffle continues to be popular and we have our bumper Christmas draw to look forward to. We have more dogs leaving us in the coming weeks, Ruby, Oscar, Teddy, Teddy2 and Hugo. Yesterday evening Star, a 4 week old puppy joined us with the possibility of her siblings arriving soon too. Watch her development on our facebook page as she grows and starts to explore her surroundings, always a joy to see. As we approach the end of the year we are still unsure what impact this will have on adoptions to UK. As soon as there is any definite, confirmed instructions I will post on here. Reduction in flights within the EU is also having a negative affect on adoption numbers. Meanwhile a 4 week old puppy is calling for her food……..

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