Lead up to 2020

Well we have 7 new puppies to care for and nurture and find forever homes for. All are flourishing and our dog food bill has rocketed! We will increase our efforts in 2020 to find them homes so we can help others.  As we are at capacity we are now sponsoring a Mum & Dad with 8 puppies born Christmas Day on a building site! They are safe but parents need sterilising and all need vaccinations over the next few months when the pups will all need new homes. Another older dog turned up at a friend’s house, in a very bad way so we are helping with his treatment and vaccinations too while she cares for him. 

Our friend and family have continued to support us in lots of different ways, both financially and personally for which we are so grateful. They have just been amazing. Thank you all.

All the latest events and fundraisers have been very successful and again we are very grateful to all the individuals and businesses that have helped.

We have started planning for the next year’s events but are open to suggestions for any future event/fundraiser.

Wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

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