March 2020

Well, the last few months have certainly been challenging! Convid-19 Coronavirus has had a huge impact on us. No dog movement is possible unless to the vets for essential treatment/vaccinations, so no new adoptions are possible at the moment. We have had to cancel all our fundraising events until further notice and this has huge implications for our financial well being. We are looking at all other ways to fundraise but Lockdown here in Spain makes this extremely difficult. Our pointer pups are now 7 months old and we need to find funding for their castrations and spaying. As our latest puppies grow both in size and confidence it has been necessary to make urgent repairs to the exterior fencing to keep them safe. Labour is free but materials are not! Still, have never refused a challenge!

On the plus side, all our dogs in our care are fully vaccinated, healthy and ready to travel. Bonita now has a lovely forever home here in Spain and our wonderful family and good friends/supporters continue to help and support in every way they can.  

Frank the collie dog in foster is responding to treatment but it is a slow process and again comes at a cost. However, the end result makes this all worthwhile! Tilly, another beautiful girl in foster is gaining in confidence and we hope to find her a wonderful home very soon. The building site pups are growing and although homes have been found for 3 the others are still waiting. Mum will be spayed asap.

Richard (brother to Runa and Abril) is now going for walks on a lead and we are absolutely delighted. Big thank you to Jennah for persevering. We will now try to persuade his sisters that they too can do this!

We have much to be grateful for including the generosity of family and friends, be it donations of food, bedding, money etc and much needed moral support. Thank you all.

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