So what did we do in June?

Another busy month. Lots of trips to the vets for vaccinations etc. We moved Runa and Abril to ours and they have settled in with our other dogs. They are loving but clumsy and boisterous so we have worked with them to socialise them and they are responding very well. It also gave their quieter brother Richard a chance to eat in peace! Jenny continues to become more trusting everyday and her puppy Nina will join Runa and Abril as soon as we have finished the other run. We have been very fortunate to receive donations for the dogs of bedding, food, toys etc. from friends including the customers of Smiler’s Bar in Benalmadena. Some good friends and family members have also helped by covering the cost of some of the vaccinations, which has been a really big help. Thank you everybody! We have also been feeding a stray cat and her kitten – now discovered to be 2 kittens! We hope to be able to catch them all, spay Mum and rehome the kittens but that is not proving to be an easy task!

This month we sold the maximum number (100) of tickets for the meat raffle so very pleased with that too. Hope we can maintain the numbers!

Finally, yesterday we took in 2 puppies who had been dumped on a busy road. Beautiful little girls. More information about them on next month’s update.

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