This month’s update.

Another busy few weeks. Lots of travelling and meetings. Our formal application for charity status has been submitted and now we wait, hopefully not too long! We’ve been working with other rescues in Spain and UK helping each other to share and promote all our dogs. A family member in the UK fell in love with a little dog at another Spanish shelter, Carl has travelled to collect him and has taken him to UK  where he has a fantastic home.

Remember Nani, the pups Mum? She has been reunited with her family and now living in the family home. We are delighted for her. She looks amazing and the family is keeping up with the medication. They send updates and videos and we will stay in touch with them. A big thank you to CHAIN for helping with her spaying costs and some of her treatment.

Our monthly meat raffle continues to be well supported and we are looking at lots of different options for future events and activities to raise funds to enable us to help as many dogs as we can. Generous donations of bedding, clothing and other items like bleach and bin bags have been received from friends and we are very grateful to everybody who has helped in any way.

On Facebook we saw an urgent plea for help to take 3 small puppies from the pound on the east coast, time was running out for them. We agreed to help and transport was arranged to bring them to us. When they arrived there were an additional 2 dogs with them, so buy 3 get 2 free! They are all safe now and we are now working hard to find good homes for them.



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