What have we been up to?

Well the past month has been very busy. Lots of trips to the vets with all the dogs and to buy dog food as they all have good appetites!

The Cocktail Party at Smiler’s was a huge success not least because our puppies Casper and Caramel both found wonderful new homes here in Spain. It was such a good day we are looking forward to the next one and finding more forever homes for the dogs in our care. Chocci travels to the UK next month so to avoid him being in a run by himself, Casper’s lovely Mums are fostering him till then. Thank you Celine and Theresa! 

We have finally been able to spay the 4 pups Mum, Nani. She has certainly been through it. After looking much better we found she had tick fever and could not be spayed while taking the medication. The bacterial infection in her ears is much improved but needed a change of medication. She will be returned to her owner in the next few days and we will monitor to make sure she continues to receive treatment.