Why Sterilise?

A comment was made on our facebook page by a man criticising us for castrating the dogs in our care.  It upset me as I remembered all the dogs/puppies/cats/kittens we were unable to save. All the poor animals that are still in need of help and the people in rescue who work so hard to help them. The thought that any of us would put an animal through an operation if it wasn’t absolutely necessary is absurd. So I responded with the following words.

Why Sterilise?
Collected 6 unwanted puppies from the pound today
Unwanted babies so given away, 6 more will follow
In a few months time, as the Mother breeds yet again
But the owner says, why sterilise?

Took in day old puppies, umbilical cord still attached
Left in the rain on a piece of cardboard
Fed hourly and held close, one too weak to survive
Tears shed, but why sterilise?

A cat too young to give birth has a kitten, so both discarded
Mother infected from her time on the streets, kitten dies
Cat cared for and loved but had to watch pass away
Many more tears, but still asked why sterilise?

Found thrown on top of a bin, just a couple of days old
Left with the rubbish, unwanted so discarded
Hourly feeds, hot water bottles and clean bedding
Only 3 survived, but why sterilise?

A young dog swollen with milk, cries for her puppies, snatched from her,
Left with the rest of the pack, she’ll get pregnant again, too soon
Too weak, her body can’t cope with another birth
Too late to call the vet, but why sterilise?

Thought she was too young to get pregnant and gate was secure
Don’t know how it happened but she’s had 8 puppies
Can you take them, now please as I can’t look after them here
You’re a rescue aren’t you? But why sterilise?

Spend a day in the pound, killing station or rescue
Spend weeks trying to rescue a dog/cat
Open your eyes and listen to the horror stories
Then, ask me again, why sterilise?