Over the summer

Busy times yet again. The best news being we now have our Charity Registration in place! This will help us to be more proactive with fundraising and putting our profile out there! Our puppies have grown over the last couple of months and 2 (Daisy & Rosie) are off to their forever homes. With lots of visitors we were able to see just how well our dogs behave with adults and children and other dogs, always an important part of our work to ensure they are well socialised before leaving us. There were a few tears when the grandchildren had to say goodbye to the dogs but we’ve assured them there will be more new ones for them to meet on their next visit. Abril is in the photo.


We hope to expand our kennel space at our home in the coming weeks to enable us to help more dogs. Lastly please take a look at our Events page where you will find details of 2 up and coming fundraisers. Hope to see many of you there! Runa is in the photo.