2020 roundup

As 2020 comes to an end and the pandemic continues worldwide we still have much to be grateful for. Adoptions have continued, with our dogs being adopted here in Spain, Finland, Denmark and UK. We await the impact of Brexit on adoptions to UK in 2021 and will update the website and facebook with the facts asap. Our ability to hold fundraisers continued to be affected by restrictions including travel. However we have managed to hold a quiz night and a Christmas Fayre with both events raising very welcome funds that enabled more dogs to be vaccinated and receive veterinary care. The monthly meat raffle, online shop and online fundraisers have also provided a steady income. We are indebted though to our family, friends and many supporters for their financial, practical and emotional support that has kept us going over the last few testing months in particular. Support from not just within the UK and Spain but other European countries too, has been amazing and our circle of support has greatly increased. We are also very grateful to our special foster families who have provided love and care for many of our dogs. Finally to all our adopters, thank you for giving our rescue dogs a home. We always say, our dogs don’t just have good homes, they all have WONDERFUL homes. Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and peaceful New Year.

Autumn 2020

The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity particularly with adoptions. Sometimes before a dog has even reached us they are reserved. Wonderful for the dogs but a logistical nightmare at times! All our Pointer pups have been adopted. They were with us for so long it was hard to say goodbye but all have found such good homes and we receive regular updates. Carl even flew to Finland to deliver Billy and Tilly and a little dog for another rescue. We had to raise funds for 2 of our dogs, Daisy and Hugo who both needed major operations to repair old injuries to their legs that had been left to heal without treatment. No fundraiser events were possible but the generosity of our supporters meant the €2000 needed for the operations was donated, and we are truly grateful to each and every one. The online shop has been very successful and played a crucial role in providing funds to help towards the ongoing costs of food and veterinary costs etc. The monthly meat raffle continues to be popular and we have our bumper Christmas draw to look forward to. We have more dogs leaving us in the coming weeks, Ruby, Oscar, Teddy, Teddy2 and Hugo. Yesterday evening Star, a 4 week old puppy joined us with the possibility of her siblings arriving soon too. Watch her development on our facebook page as she grows and starts to explore her surroundings, always a joy to see. As we approach the end of the year we are still unsure what impact this will have on adoptions to UK. As soon as there is any definite, confirmed instructions I will post on here. Reduction in flights within the EU is also having a negative affect on adoption numbers. Meanwhile a 4 week old puppy is calling for her food……..

June 2020

The last 3 months have been tough! But here we are at the end of June and we have survived! The easement of Lockdown restrictions has certainly been noticed! Adoptions are happening and lovely homes found for some of the dogs in our care. Bonita, Rosie and Daisy were the first to find new homes. Billy and Tilly are off to Finland as soon as flights allow. Boomer is on his way to UK as I write where he is assured of a very wonderful welcome. Our Jenny is now living the life on a finca close by where she has settled so well. Little Barney was in and out in a matter of days and living the life with Daisy. Nina (Jenny’s daughter) has also been reserved pending home check in UK and we are delighted for her! Just a few days ago we took in little Lola, abandoned and just a few weeks old. She has a bad eye injury but receiving the best care in foster – watch this space. Now as for Frank, well. a few months of TLC, training and medication and he has turned the corner! He will start his vaccinations next week and soon be available for adoptions. We are also waiting to receive 2 Podenco brothers who have spent the last 5 years in poor conditions. They will need rehabilitation before they head off to new homes in Finland. Busy times! We have started a facebook page called Pawsawhile Online Shop https://www.facebook.com/Pawsawhile-Online-Shop-106714787726046 and thank everybody who has either donated items or made a donation to buy them. This has really helped ‘keep us afloat’. Last but not least to all our family and friends who have supported us financially, emotionally, practically and in any way they can, we so appreciate you being there for us and the dogs! Thank you.

Why Sterilise?

A comment was made on our facebook page by a man criticising us for castrating the dogs in our care.  It upset me as I remembered all the dogs/puppies/cats/kittens we were unable to save. All the poor animals that are still in need of help and the people in rescue who work so hard to help them. The thought that any of us would put an animal through an operation if it wasn’t absolutely necessary is absurd. So I responded with the following words.

Why Sterilise?
Collected 6 unwanted puppies from the pound today
Unwanted babies so given away, 6 more will follow
In a few months time, as the Mother breeds yet again
But the owner says, why sterilise?

Took in day old puppies, umbilical cord still attached
Left in the rain on a piece of cardboard
Fed hourly and held close, one too weak to survive
Tears shed, but why sterilise?

A cat too young to give birth has a kitten, so both discarded
Mother infected from her time on the streets, kitten dies
Cat cared for and loved but had to watch pass away
Many more tears, but still asked why sterilise?

Found thrown on top of a bin, just a couple of days old
Left with the rubbish, unwanted so discarded
Hourly feeds, hot water bottles and clean bedding
Only 3 survived, but why sterilise?

A young dog swollen with milk, cries for her puppies, snatched from her,
Left with the rest of the pack, she’ll get pregnant again, too soon
Too weak, her body can’t cope with another birth
Too late to call the vet, but why sterilise?

Thought she was too young to get pregnant and gate was secure
Don’t know how it happened but she’s had 8 puppies
Can you take them, now please as I can’t look after them here
You’re a rescue aren’t you? But why sterilise?

Spend a day in the pound, killing station or rescue
Spend weeks trying to rescue a dog/cat
Open your eyes and listen to the horror stories
Then, ask me again, why sterilise?

April 2020

The impact of Convid-19 continues but we have remained positive! Work on the exterior fencing and protection against flooding has been completed thanks to the generous donation from Reynold’s Training Services. Attention then moved to repairing and replacing some of the internal fencing to increase the height and prevent the dogs jumping over to the other side where the ground is lower, and injuring themselves.

Thanks to the other generous donations received from family, friend and supporters we have been able to have Benji, Billy, Boomer and Harry castrated. Lucy has been spayed and the last of the Pointer puppies, Linda will be visiting the vets in 2 weeks. Nina developed a skin complaint and after extension tests it has shown to be caused by an allergy although we are not yet sure for certain what has caused it. At the moment she has been put on special food and although more expensive her skin is healing well so well worth it!

Thanks to ongoing help and support from Jennah the lovely Jenny is now going for walks on the lead. Her confidence grows daily as does her chances of finding her forever home. Nice to end April on such a positive note!

Convid-19 Corona virus March 2020

Due to the lockdown we are unable to finalise any fosters or adoptions until further notice. We are happy though to answer any questions you may have about any of the dogs in our care and send you photos and videos. Normal service will be resumed as soon as the lockdown ceases.

Sadly this also means we are unable to hold and fundraising events either. Our monthly meat raffle is the only fundraiser we can continue but we are actively looking at other online opportunities to raise funds for the dogs.

Thank you all for your continuing support.


Each month we hold a raffle for a €50 meat hamper, vegetarian or cash option now also available. Tickets are €2 each and we only sell a maximum of 100 tickets. Buy as many or as few as you want. See the poster for more information. Payment can be made direct into our paypal account, bank account or given to Carl. Due to the lockdown and travel restrictions we now offer the winner the choice of receiving the €50 instead of the hamper.
There is a Messenger group you can join and we will publish details of the winning ticket on 14th each month when it is drawn. If you win and are in UK we can arrange for you to receive the hamper when you are back in Spain.

September Draw
The lucky winner was Tina.
Could it be you in October?
October Draw
The lucky winner was Emma.
Could it be you in November?
November Draw
The lucky winner was Karen R..
Could it be you in December?

March 2020

Well, the last few months have certainly been challenging! Convid-19 Coronavirus has had a huge impact on us. No dog movement is possible unless to the vets for essential treatment/vaccinations, so no new adoptions are possible at the moment. We have had to cancel all our fundraising events until further notice and this has huge implications for our financial well being. We are looking at all other ways to fundraise but Lockdown here in Spain makes this extremely difficult. Our pointer pups are now 7 months old and we need to find funding for their castrations and spaying. As our latest puppies grow both in size and confidence it has been necessary to make urgent repairs to the exterior fencing to keep them safe. Labour is free but materials are not! Still, have never refused a challenge!

On the plus side, all our dogs in our care are fully vaccinated, healthy and ready to travel. Bonita now has a lovely forever home here in Spain and our wonderful family and good friends/supporters continue to help and support in every way they can.  

Frank the collie dog in foster is responding to treatment but it is a slow process and again comes at a cost. However, the end result makes this all worthwhile! Tilly, another beautiful girl in foster is gaining in confidence and we hope to find her a wonderful home very soon. The building site pups are growing and although homes have been found for 3 the others are still waiting. Mum will be spayed asap.

Richard (brother to Runa and Abril) is now going for walks on a lead and we are absolutely delighted. Big thank you to Jennah for persevering. We will now try to persuade his sisters that they too can do this!

We have much to be grateful for including the generosity of family and friends, be it donations of food, bedding, money etc and much needed moral support. Thank you all.

Lead up to 2020

Well we have 7 new puppies to care for and nurture and find forever homes for. All are flourishing and our dog food bill has rocketed! We will increase our efforts in 2020 to find them homes so we can help others.  As we are at capacity we are now sponsoring a Mum & Dad with 8 puppies born Christmas Day on a building site! They are safe but parents need sterilising and all need vaccinations over the next few months when the pups will all need new homes. Another older dog turned up at a friend’s house, in a very bad way so we are helping with his treatment and vaccinations too while she cares for him. 

Our friend and family have continued to support us in lots of different ways, both financially and personally for which we are so grateful. They have just been amazing. Thank you all.

All the latest events and fundraisers have been very successful and again we are very grateful to all the individuals and businesses that have helped.

We have started planning for the next year’s events but are open to suggestions for any future event/fundraiser.

Wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

Over the summer

Busy times yet again. The best news being we now have our Charity Registration in place! This will help us to be more proactive with fundraising and putting our profile out there! Our puppies have grown over the last couple of months and 2 (Daisy & Rosie) are off to their forever homes. With lots of visitors we were able to see just how well our dogs behave with adults and children and other dogs, always an important part of our work to ensure they are well socialised before leaving us. There were a few tears when the grandchildren had to say goodbye to the dogs but we’ve assured them there will be more new ones for them to meet on their next visit. Abril is in the photo.


We hope to expand our kennel space at our home in the coming weeks to enable us to help more dogs. Lastly please take a look at our Events page where you will find details of 2 up and coming fundraisers. Hope to see many of you there! Runa is in the photo.

So what did we do in June?

Another busy month. Lots of trips to the vets for vaccinations etc. We moved Runa and Abril to ours and they have settled in with our other dogs. They are loving but clumsy and boisterous so we have worked with them to socialise them and they are responding very well. It also gave their quieter brother Richard a chance to eat in peace! Jenny continues to become more trusting everyday and her puppy Nina will join Runa and Abril as soon as we have finished the other run. We have been very fortunate to receive donations for the dogs of bedding, food, toys etc. from friends including the customers of Smiler’s Bar in Benalmadena. Some good friends and family members have also helped by covering the cost of some of the vaccinations, which has been a really big help. Thank you everybody! We have also been feeding a stray cat and her kitten – now discovered to be 2 kittens! We hope to be able to catch them all, spay Mum and rehome the kittens but that is not proving to be an easy task!

This month we sold the maximum number (100) of tickets for the meat raffle so very pleased with that too. Hope we can maintain the numbers!

Finally, yesterday we took in 2 puppies who had been dumped on a busy road. Beautiful little girls. More information about them on next month’s update.